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Ecuador y las Islas Galapagos \ Photos

The fabric streets of Otavallo
A young Ecuadorian tries his luck in Otavallo
Failing at my attempts to barter in Otavallo
The Ecuadorian musicians who serenaded me while I enjoyed my guinea pig dinner
Forrest in the highlands above Quito
Quinoa fields
With our travel companions from Spain and the local children of Karanki Magdalena
Children of Karanki Magdalena
Cows in line to be milked at Karanki Magdalena
World Cup Fever
A resident of Karanki Magdalena completes his chores on the slopes
Forrest and myself at Karanki Magdalena
Highland puppies!
A young puppy at Karanki Magdalena
Highland puppies!
The train we took from Salinas
Our departure town from Salinas
On the train from Salinas
Lounging after lunch near Quito
Abandoned ruins in the forest
Ruins near Quito
Exploring some ruins outside Quito
Ruins outside of Quito
The highlands around Quito
The hacienda where we ate lunch that one day
Hotel Quito
The views from our room at Hotel Quito
The views from our room at Hotel Quito
Haley felt very much like Jane Goodall...
Boobies on the Legend
The bar and lounge aboard the Galapagos Legend
The lounge on the Galapagos Legend
The lounge on the Galapagos Legend
The Galapagos Legend's bar
The Galapagos Legend
Hammocks on the Legend. I advise not sitting in them while the ship is moving
The Galapagos Legend
Lounging on the decks of the Galapagos Legend
Relaxing on the Legend
Frigates, ever present overhead
We were all pretty envious of his camera equipment
Ever present, ever lazy
Our friends from the cruise
A baby sea lion
A curious baby sea lion (which may or may not have atempted to eat my camera)
The Galapagos Legend
A mother and father sea lion get protective of their baby
Forrest sets off on the island of Mosquera
Forrest scouting the next photograph
A Sally-Lightfoot
I'm calling these Haley-Lightfoot Crabs
Crusiers on the beach
Sea lions
Exploring the beach
Very attentive and highly curious
Photographers on Mosquera
Sea lions and fellow cruisers on Mosquera
Silhouettes on the beach
Forrest on Mosquera
A little perspective
The barren beach of Mosquera
Forrest helps fellow cruisers get into the zodiac
Forrest assists our fellow cruisers
Cactus details
A land iguana
A marine iguana demonstrates how to... not be a marine iguana
A marine iguana
Disembarking the zodiac
Land iguana
I'm not actually sure which island this was on
Alienesque landscape
The strange landscape of South Plaza
Blending in with the environment on South Plaza
South Plaza cactus
Celebrating my birthday in the Galapagos Islands
The red hues of South Plaza
South Plaza
Iguana on South Plaza
A land iguana on South Plaza
Forrest on the cliffs of South Plaza
A South Plaza land iguana
Forrest on the cliffs of South Plaza
South Plaza
Making my way across South Plaza
Forrest and the birds of the Galapagos Islands
A thundering crash of waves
Preparing to take flight on South Plaza
An alienesque landscape
A laza lizard in South Plaza
A South Plaza land iguana
A land iguana on South Plaza
Large cactus
Forrest and the Legend on Santa Fe
Forrest sits on the beach of Santa Fe
Sea Lions on Santa Fe
Sea lions on Santa Fe
Kicker Rock
Kicker rock near sunset
And, finally, a giant tortoise
San Cristobal Lava Lizard
A giant tortoise on San Cristobal
Quito's La Basilica
Quito's towering Basilica
In front of Quito's Basilica
The front doors of La Basilica
Navigating the streets of Quito
A windy day near the base of Cotopaxi
Near Cotopaxi Volcano, which was covered in clouds
Exploring the grounds above Hacienda el Porvenier
Exploring the grounds above Hacienda el Porvenier
Hacienda el Porvenir
Killing time in the Houston airport

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